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Terms of use

The present Terms of Use, as well as any documents stated herein establish the terms and conditions for using our website, https://sandaskin.com. Using the website sandaskin.com shall mean that you agree with the Terms of Use.

The Terms of Use shall come in force from  April 8, 2020.

Please read these Terms of Use with due diligence. Please be aware that we may change the contents of the Terms of use from time to time.

If you consider these Terms and conditions are not acceptable for you, please do not enter and/or use our website.

Table of contents

  • General
  • Additional documents related to the  use of the website
  • Changes  to the Terms of Use and the additional documents
  • Cases in which you may not use our website
  • Permissible age by law for use of the site
  • Governing law and jurisdiction


  • Sanda Skin Ltd is the owner of the website.
  • Sanda Skin is a limited liability company incorporated in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Europe,
  • To  contact us you can use our email address sales@sandaskin.com

3. Additional documents related to the use of the website

 The following documents are also related to the use of our internet site :

  • Cookies policy, available at https://sandaskin.com/cookie-policy Cookies policy rules the way we use cookies and other technologies on our website. It defines  the types of cookies we use, the intention  of using  them, the cases in which cookies might be put on your computer, browser or device,
  • Privacy policy, available at https://sandaskin.com/privacy-policy. The Privacy policy governs how we use your information. It determines the types of information that we may collect, why it is collected, in what cases we may transfer it to any third parties,  and any other important information connected to using and/or processing your information and your rights.
  • By reaching and/or using our website, you shall give your consent to be bound by the terms and conditions in our Terms of Use, you agree  that we will process in some way your information under our privacy policy, and our use of cookies

5. Changes to the terms of use and the additional documents

We are free to  change the Terms of Use and the additional  documents  for any reason whatsoever, including:

  • to keep you updated of any modifications on how we use cookies in connection to our course of business ;
  •  to be sure that our documents and statements correspond to all effective applicable laws,  official regulations.

 The check of the present Terms of Use shall be your responsibility and obligation.

The date of the last amendment of the present Terms of Use shall be called EFFECTIVE DATE and shall be shown at a visible place.

6.  Website content

By choosing to visit our website you shall receive general information about our company, our products as well as our aims. There is no other goal that we intend to reach with our website other than promoting our products. The whole information and/or data contained in our website is considered to be owned on an exclusive basis from SANDASKIN OOD. All rights over the contents of the site are reserved for SANDASKIN OOD and have been developed from a law office.

You may not use it in any way the contents or part of the contents from our website for your personal and/or business goals.

7. Cases in which you may not use OUR WEBSITE

 If you are under the age of 18, you are prohibited to provide us with any personal information about you!

If you have provided us with the so-called Sensitive personal information about you, we shall count that you have agreed voluntarily that we might process this particular information on the basis of Article 9(2)(a) of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/769).

8. Permissible age by law for use of the website

By using this site, you declare  that you are at least full  age  according to the legal regulations in your country,

9. Governing law and jurisdiction

The present  Terms of Use and any other relevant documents as well as,  any disputes/claims arising from the above-mentioned shall be governed by according to the effective legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria at the time of the dispute/claim.  The exclusive jurisdiction over any claims or disputes shall lie with the courts in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The language of the lawsuits shall be Bulgarian- the official language in the Republic of Bulgaria. If any party needs translation in any other language, this shall be the sole responsibility of that party. Bulgarian language shall prevail in all documents, even in bilingual ones.

Sanda Skin Conditions For Messaging

When you fill in a  form with a phone number, email address and/or name, You agree to receive from time to time marketing(e.g., SMS and MMS) communications from Sanda Skin, including text messages. Consent to receive automated marketing text messages shall never be a condition of purchase.

By visiting our site, You agree to Sanda Skin Terms of Use and Sanda Skin Privacy Policy.

By writing the word STOP to sales@sandaskin.com you shall make a cancellation. After writing STOP to sales@sandaskin.com you might receive a few additional more messages from us before Sanda Skin team to react and to write off your email from our database. You might receive a few additional emails only in case the emails have been ordered for sending prior to/at the time of the cancellation.

The logo, the colour of the site, the brand concept, the design of the website, and the photos are exclusively owned by SANDASKIN Ltd and can be used only with informative and advertising purposes. Any other way of use, which does not fall within the above-mentioned ones shall be considered as an intellectual theft and shall be subject to a lawsuit.


“All disputes, arising from the present Terms of Use or related to it, including those arising from or concerning their interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as the disputes for filling gaps in these Terms of Use or their adaptation to newly established facts, shall be referred for resolution to the Court of Arbitration at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in compliance with its Rules for Litigations, based on arbitration agreements”.

These Terms of Use are based on a General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/769) (“GDPR”) compliant template provided by GDPR Privacy Policy. We agree to always adhere to GDPR and all its amendments.If you need further information, you may visit gdprprivacypolicy.org or you may contact us for any clarification on this matter.